Summary of Genetics

Type of Resource



The goal of this virtual lab is to allow students the opportunity to investigate into how the mother’s alleles affect the chance that the offspring will produce various traits.

Performance Expectations

HS-LS2-2   Use mathematical representations to support and revise explanations based on evidence about factors affecting biodiversity and populations in ecosystems of different scales.

HS-LS3-1   Ask questions to clarify relationships about the role of DNA and chromosomes in coding the instructions for characteristic traits passed from parents to offspring.

HS-LS3-2   Make and defend a claim based on evidence that inheritable genetic variations may result from: (1) new genetic combinations through meiosis, (2) viable errors occurring during replication, and/or (3) mutations caused by environmental factors.

MS-LS2-2   Construct an explanation that predicts patterns of interactions among organisms across multiple ecosystems.