Summary of Energy: Free Fall

Type of Resource



The goal of the Energy: Free Fall virtual lab is to allow students the opportunity to investigate into the factors that impact potential and kinetic energy. Students conduct their investigation into how height and mass can change potential, kinetic, and mechanical energy.

Performance Expectations

HS-PS3-1   Create a computational model to calculate the change in the energy of one component in a system when the change in energy of the other component(s) and energy flows in and out of the system are known.

HS-PS3-2   Develop and use models to illustrate that energy at the macroscopic scale can be accounted for as a combination of energy associated with the motions of particles (objects) and energy associated with the relative positions of particles (objects)

MS-PS3-5   Construct, use, and present arguments to support the claim that when the kinetic energy of an object changes, energy is transferred to or from the object.