Physical Science (PS)

Listed below are the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) for Physical Science and bullet points for their specific grade band progression.

PS3: Energy

PS3.C: Relationship Between Energy and Forces

Primary School (K-2)

  • A bigger push or pull makes things speed up or slow down more quickly.

Elementary School (3-5)

  • When objects collide, the contact forces transfer energy so as to change the objects’ motions.

Middle School (6-8)

  • When two objects interact, each one exerts a force on the other that can cause energy to be transferred to or from the object.

High School (9-12)

  • When two objects interacting through a field change relative position, the energy stored in the field is changed.

This is a table of the Disciplinary Core Ideas of Physical Science. If coming from a Standard the specific bullet point used is highlighted and additional performance Expectations that make use of the Disciplinary Core Idea can be found below the table. To see all Disciplinary Core Ideas, click on the title "Disciplinary Core Ideas."

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