Matter song a music video by untamed Science

Untamed Science
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Instructional Materials
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This is an engaging music video that defines and gives examples of matter.The video is fun, colorful and explores many different kinds of matter as part of the music video sequence. Young students will love the song and the interactive dance sequences.

Intended Audience

Educational Level
  • Early Elementary
Access Restrictions

Free access - The right to view and/or download material without financial, registration, or excessive advertising barriers.

Performance Expectations

2-PS1-1 Plan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different kinds of materials by their observable properties.

Clarification Statement: Observations could include color, texture, hardness, and flexibility. Patterns could include the similar properties that different materials share.

Assessment Boundary: none

This resource was not designed to build towards this performance expectation, but can be used to build towards it using the suggestions provided below.

Comments about Including the Performance Expectation
The Disciplinary Core Idea is addressed by the song and pictures. The Crosscutting Concept of patterns is suggested. The video cannot stand alone. It supports the Performance Expectation as part of a larger unit of investigations that include rich discussions about matter and the properties of matter.

Science and Engineering Practices

This resource was not designed to build towards this science and engineering practice, but can be used to build towards it using the suggestions provided below.

Comments about Including the Science and Engineering Practice
The Practice of planning and conducting an investigation is not included in the music video. The video is a receptive tool that would encourage thinking, discussion, and exploration of the Disciplinary Core Idea and the Crosscutting Concept.

Disciplinary Core Ideas

This resource is explicitly designed to build towards this disciplinary core idea.

Comments about Including the Disciplinary Core Idea
The music video supports investigations of materials and hands-on learning. The students could collect some of the materials in the video and then describe their properties and compare them. The students would also be encouraged by the teacher to think about ways that the materials are the same as other objects they have in the room, and provide evidence for their reasoning.

Crosscutting Concepts

This resource appears to be designed to build towards this crosscutting concept, though the resource developer has not explicitly stated so.

Comments about Including the Crosscutting Concept
The lens of patterns is implicitly included through the exploration in the video. The teacher would be able to use the video to facilitate a discussion about patterns using a graphic organizer. The images in the video would need to be listed, examined, and deconstructed by the class.

Resource Quality

  • Alignment to the Dimensions of the NGSS: The Practice, conducting investigations, is not explicitly addressed in the resource.The resource supports the Crosscutting Concept and Disciplinary Core Idea and would be an addition to a larger unit that addressed all three dimensions with in engaging investigations .

  • Instructional Supports: Students with special needs are supported through music text. The song supports English learners through language repetition and interaction with it. If the video was played multiple times, and the words were written, the students could follow along with the song and learn more vocabulary.

  • Monitoring Student Progress: The video would not be useful in monitoring students progress. The teacher would need to monitor student understanding through other activities related to matter and the properties of matter.

  • Quality of Technological Interactivity: The quality of the video is excellent.