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About the Curators

After a competitive application process, NSTA identified a cadre of educators from around the country to establish a library of vetted resources to help teachers make the instructional shifts in their classrooms that the NGSS call for. The curators, who receive regular training and use the EQuIP rubric to evaluate resources, offer exemplars of both the kinds of resources educators now need and the process by which educators can take existing materials and adjust them to support NGSS instruction.

Fun Facts

  • Hail from 26 states

    • 12 adoption states
    • 14 non-adoption states
  • 25 current classroom teachers

    • 12 elementary
    • 6 middle school
    • 7 high school
  • 2 NGSS writers

Meet the Curators!

Elementary, Grades K-2
Elementary, Grades 3-5
Life Science
Physical Science
Earth and Space Science
Engineering Design