NSTA Vetted Resources

These classroom resources—over 800 lesson plans, book chapters, videos, simulations, and more—are vetted by NSTA curators who recommend ways to adapt them to be more in line with the vision of the NGSS.

While these resources are not yet considered to be “fully aligned” to the NGSS, the curators provide expert guidance on how to adapt them. Resources that are “fully aligned” should meet the rigorous criteria of the EQuIP rubric, which means they are three-dimensional in nature, have coherence across lessons and units, provide a number of important instructional supports, and provide methods to monitor student progress. Work is underway by Achieve to identify exemplar lessons and resources that meet this vision.

Shared Community Resources

These classroom resources are provided by members of the science teaching community. NSTA invites educators to upload and share their own outstanding lesson plans, units or other resources that will help teachers work toward the vision of the NGSS. Read this FAQ on how to submit resources.

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Questions? Contact ngss@nsta.org.