Weather and Climate Overall Effect on Bridge Design Unit

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Enduring Understandings: History of bridges and their importance.(SS.G.1.9-12), A variety of hazards result from natural processes; humans cannot eliminate hazards but can reduce their impact. (ESS2-2), Structures can be designed to serve particular functions by taking into account properties of different materials, and how materials can be shaped and used.(HS-ETS1-2)

Performance Expectations

HS-ESS2-1   Develop a model to illustrate how Earth’s internal and surface processes operate at different spatial and temporal scales to form continental and ocean-floor features.

HS-ESS2-2   Analyze geoscience data to make the claim that one change to Earth's surface can create feedbacks that cause changes to other Earth systems.

HS-ETS1-2   Design a solution to a complex real-world problem by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable problems that can be solved through engineering.